Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cheap vs Affordable

Last week someone saw my sign on the side of my van and asked me, "Are you cheap?" My response was, "Could you define cheap?" She looked at me half crazy. I told her that if she was asking if I did professional work and produced a professional product at an affordable price, the answer is yes, but if she was asking if I did "cheap" work the answer is no.  She wanted to know what the difference was. (I knew this was a lost cause at this point, but I explained anyway.) I told her that I knew one person calling themselves a "photographer" who was shooting pictures with a cell phone and selling a CD for $5 and I knew several who were shooting with $100 cameras and selling cd's or prints from Walmart for $40.  Then I explained that I have more than $10,000 invested in my camera and lenses, and other equipment and that when I sold prints they were printed in a professional color lab and that every photo was lab checked for color accuracy and that the product was printed on professional grade photography paper that would look like new 10 years from now when the Walmart photo is faded and curled. I do this at a fraction of the cost of many photographers, but that I refused to put my name on anything that was done "cheap." Bottom line, there is a difference and as the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for."  I hate to sound arrogant, but I look at some of the stuff some of these people who call themselves photographers are putting out, and frankly, I'd be embarrassed to tell someone I shot that stuff. There is a difference, and if you appreciate quality, then you are willing to pay for it. If you want a cheap photograph, then knock yourself out, but you won't get that from my studio. But to each there own. Some people have fast food taste while others appreciate a good meal. Same goes here. If all you want is a cheap shot, and that's what floats your boat, then do that and I sincerely hope you are happy with that. But if you want some professional shots, then give me a call.

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