Monday, June 20, 2016

Exhibit A

In my previous post I spoke about the review in which the bride said all of my pictures were washed out or faded out. It is true that many of the ceremony pictures are "sun washed" and there were shadows under the eyes of the wedding party, but I told her this would be an issue. The following are some examples of that day to show that "all" of the pictures were not "horrible" as she wrote in her review. I post these to show that the problem was not my work but the bride's choice to be married in direct sunlight, shoot wedding party's pictures facing the sun and scowling faces. I can ask people to smile, but when they don't, that is not my fault. When they cooperated with me, we got some great shots, but this bride refused to work with me. 

Unfair Business Practices

I have been connected to for several years, but I have severed my ties with them due to what I consider unfair business practices. They boast on their site that anyone can write a review of a vendor and that the vendor can do nothing to have it removed. That is simply not fair. I have been trying for months to deal with them over a review written about my business. I can understand that a vendor should not be allowed to just delete unfavorable comments, but they should be able to respond. Well, in fact they indicate that we can respond. However, my response has never appeared, even after writing it on 4 occasions. I've spoken to an account representative and they told me that the client disputes my claim. Hello? They can dispute and have my response removed, but I cannot do anything about what they have said about me? Totally unfair.
Especially when you consider what has happend.
Here's a brief rundown.

This client contacted me about shooting their wedding and I met with the couple. When I met with them the first time, as the bride described her wedding plans, I gave her some advice as I have shot at this location numerous times and also recommended a second photographer due to the outdoor setting and the impossibility for one person to move around this setting without being a disturbance. Another thing was that I highly recommended was that they change the time of the service because the ceremony was going to be in direct sunlight at that time and would be very difficult to shoot without the sun washing out some things (such as a white dress) while casting severe shadows under the eyes, chin and on one side of the setting where the bridesmaids would be. She ignored my advice. She insisted that they  purchase the smallest and least expensive package I offered, which was her right, but I stressed that this package was only so many hours and that it did not include retouching photos or editing, other than basic cropping. This was crucial because of the lighting issues. This decision to go for the lesser package was not an issue of them not having funds as the wedding was huge with a full buffet and open bar. Despite her purchasing that package I brought my wife along to shoot as a second photographer so that we at least have better photos from various angles. 

On the day of the wedding, she had brought another photographer who was the boyfriend of the maid of honor. First, this is a direct violation of my contract. Second, this guy was in the way all the time and caused me to miss several shots. Ironically, he told her just prior to the ceremony that the sunlight was going to ruin her wedding pictures. The bride was a bridezilla that day. She was angry, rude and refused to do many of the pictures because it was hot. She smiled in maybe 2 or 3 shots. Her mother was worse. When the photos were finished, her first complaint was that her dress was washed out in many pictures. Duh. Then she complained that she was not smiling in most of the pictures. Duh... I tried to get her to be happy. Then she complained, because literally in every single photograph of her mom, the mom was scowling or had her eyes shut. She wanted me to go in and photoshop all these pictures and put the eyes from one photo into another. That can be done, and I can do it, but I reminded her of her decision to buy the small package and told her that there would be a fee of $100 per hour to edit these photos. She went crazy on me. A few months later she called again and apologized for her behavior and asked me if I would reconsider and edit these OR give her the full package of photos to let a friend edit and print. I told her that the only way I would give her all the photos without my watermark was if she paid for them. She again went crazy. Six months later, she called with the same request. I reminded her of our first meeting and what I had recommended and that if she wanted to pay for the largest package, I would do this editing AND give her the CD of all pictures. She cussed me out and the next thing I know she posts a review on wedding wire just bashing me because I was uncooperative, unprofessional, did poor work and produced washed out looking pictures. Again, she should be able to write whatever she wants, but I should at least be allowed to tell my side of the story. Weddingwire refuses to allow me that privilege, so I will no longer work with this company.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cheap vs Affordable

Last week someone saw my sign on the side of my van and asked me, "Are you cheap?" My response was, "Could you define cheap?" She looked at me half crazy. I told her that if she was asking if I did professional work and produced a professional product at an affordable price, the answer is yes, but if she was asking if I did "cheap" work the answer is no.  She wanted to know what the difference was. (I knew this was a lost cause at this point, but I explained anyway.) I told her that I knew one person calling themselves a "photographer" who was shooting pictures with a cell phone and selling a CD for $5 and I knew several who were shooting with $100 cameras and selling cd's or prints from Walmart for $40.  Then I explained that I have more than $10,000 invested in my camera and lenses, and other equipment and that when I sold prints they were printed in a professional color lab and that every photo was lab checked for color accuracy and that the product was printed on professional grade photography paper that would look like new 10 years from now when the Walmart photo is faded and curled. I do this at a fraction of the cost of many photographers, but that I refused to put my name on anything that was done "cheap." Bottom line, there is a difference and as the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for."  I hate to sound arrogant, but I look at some of the stuff some of these people who call themselves photographers are putting out, and frankly, I'd be embarrassed to tell someone I shot that stuff. There is a difference, and if you appreciate quality, then you are willing to pay for it. If you want a cheap photograph, then knock yourself out, but you won't get that from my studio. But to each there own. Some people have fast food taste while others appreciate a good meal. Same goes here. If all you want is a cheap shot, and that's what floats your boat, then do that and I sincerely hope you are happy with that. But if you want some professional shots, then give me a call.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm Back!

I decided that I need to revive the use of this blog as a part of my photography adventures, so I will be adding new posts and photos in the coming days. Just wanted to give a shout out that I'm alive and well.